Monday, September 23, 2013

Trends in Linens with ABC

                What better way to start off another season of blogging by talking about the latest ABC meeting held at our very own warehouse? We were so excited when ABC asked us to be the venue for one of their meetings. We love it when clients stop by and get to see what we’re all about. They get to fully understand how big our space is (26,000 square feet and expanding), check out our 1,200 fabrics, and get a behind the scenes tour of our warehouse, sewing department, and laundry.
                Guests arrived and checked in at our showroom. A lot of people don’t know that we have a showroom on site where they can come alone or bring their client to be inspired by the fabrics in front of them. Small group tours took them through our press, laundry, receiving area, warehouse, office, sewing department, and they even received a quick preview of the expanded bays we are taking on.
                Our guests were informed of little facts while on their tour. Here are a few to wet your pallet:
·         The showroom is done by appointment and we are happy to accommodate any current or future client
·         Not only do we press all linens, we utilize a steam tunnel for the more delicate fabrics
·         Our laundry is compiled of state-of-the-art and  fully automated washers and dryers
·         All of our chemicals are eco-friendly, bio-degradable, and non-toxic
·         We utilized UPS and can ship internationally for events
·         Clients are encouraged to utilize our 24-hour emergency line by calling the office after hours (954-424-0076 or 800-582-1031)
·         We manufacture all items on premise. Our fabric comes from all around the world including Turkey, India, China, and of course the U.S.
·         Our sewing department gives us the ability to make custom items
Once guests ended up in the sewing department, they were encouraged to eat the yummy food provided by S & J Catering. Stomachs were filled with turkey reuben sliders, mini grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato gazpacho, cantaloupe bisque, cookies, and cupcakes. They also posed at the South Beach Photo booth in front of our Lime Chevron backdrop. The room was decorated with a dozen different tables and 50 chair designs. A quick thank you to Better Rentals for providing the tables and chairs!
Guests were then treated to a sash tutorial and were educated on how to tie a bow, a bow with a buckle, a criss-cross knot, and  a long tail knot. Learn how to do these ties yourself on our YouTube channel! Alan, owner of Over The Top, took the stage and spoke about upcoming trends in linen. Here’s a few fun facts:
·         Geometrics are huge and here to stay
·         Don’t be afraid to mix and match different linens, just make sure there is something to tie them together. Whether it is the color palette or design, there has to be a common denominator, otherwise there will be too much going on
·         Reversible fabrics are everywhere; you just have to look for them. This is a great way to mix and match. Sequins can be reversible too!
·         Bold colors are a great way to bring some flare to the room. If you’re afraid to cover the entire room with it, just highlight it on the bridal or cake table or use it in the napkins
·         Flocking (a velvet design applied to a taffeta fabric) brings texture to the table design
·         Damask is making a comeback, but it’s not your grandma’s Damask. Bright colors and updated designs are making their way back in

We ended the night on a fantastic note with a plethora of questions from the crowd. We couldn’t have asked for a more engaged group of people. We are also happy to announce that we are sponsoring the upcoming ABC Business of Brides Conference in November! Hope to see many of you out there. Until then, learn to love your linens! 

Panorama of the sewing department

So many options to choose from!

Alan speaking about the current trends

The OTT girls: Julie, Beth, Amy, and Amanda

Registration begins! 

And the tours are off!


The office

The presentation stage

Funzie is new!

Photo booths are always fun! 

Carmen gets us caught up on ABC news! 

Reversible is in!

Flocking adds texture to your design

Damask now comes in fun colors

General Manager, Rob, adds his two cents

Beth and Yanirys' tutorial on sash tying

Sequins are now reversible too!